Bluetooth connection to locks&opener disconnects all the time!?

Hello! In my system with nuki locks and opener all is working, but anytime when I look into the nuki app to control the connection status of all the nuki devices, the Bluetooth connection shows yellow and are not connected, all other connections are green!? When I look into the Bluetooth settings of the smartphone, I see all nuki devices are in Bluetooth range but not connected, and when I connect them all then, they always disconnect again after a time and do never reconnect!? What’s the issue here!? Thanks!

There is no issue. This is the normal behavior of Bluetooth Low Energy Devices. They do not need a pairing and typically do not hold connections permanently (e.g. the Smart Lock disconnects every idle device after 10s inactivity).

If the BLE connection is always orange, even when you are nearby the device and you have a Smart Lock 3.0 please check if it is affected by this: Service Program for Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 - Nuki

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I see, thanks! But I am nearby, the connections for all devices are orange, no automatic connection to no device, and I have Smartlock Version 1&2 and no 3!? Thanks!

Edit: I have observed the situation, and have noticed, that the locks and opener are connecting to the smartphone, when I was out of bluetooth range and enter it again, and the locks and opener are unlocking like they should, and after a while the connection gets lost and gets from green to orange, but I have just a little apartment and when I am at home, I (and the smartphone) are never more then 3-4-meters away from bridge, locks and opener with no wall between them, and most of the time even closer like 1-2-meters, but the connection for all devices is going from green to orange after a while again and again!? But honestly I just noticed this in the app and was thinking maybe better to ask for it, but actually this have caused no issues at all to now, so for it’s not an real importance thing now!? Thanks again to Jürgen and all Nuki-Staff for their great support and work, - keep it up guys, you are great! Thanks!

Bluetooth range is determined by RSSI, which is not 100% accurate and has natural fluctuations. Things like different antenna positions (from rotation of the phone), interference (BLE uses 2,4GHz Band like Wifi and microwave ovens) or simply different weather (higher humidity = “thicker” air) can have an influence on it.

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Ah I see, thanks! And as I mentioned before, it was never an issue, I was just wondering! Very thanks for the great work and support!