Bluetooth connection timeout / response on USDIO


I’m currently trying to implement the Nuki lock in our app and I’m facing two problems:

  • When simulation the lock with “simnuki” on a RPi3 it successfully pairs and I also get a correct response on USDIO. When using the same code on the “real” lock, I don’t get a response on USDIO

  • I also lose the connection on the “real” lock after a successful connection after approx. 9 seconds - this doesn’t happen with “simnuki” - it keeps the connection alive

Does anybody face the same issues and/or can help me with that?


I do not have personal experience with simnuki and am not sure about the state of it.

But communication with the Smart Lock should work like described in

Which hardware version of the Smart Lock are you using?
Is the Smart Lock connected to a bridge while you are testing?

Thx for the response Stephan and sorry for the late reply.

I followed the API documentation and it works flawlessly with simnuki. Unfortunately, with the real NUKI I have the issues described above. Where can I find information regarding the hardware version? It’s for sure before 2.0 and the Art. Type is 010.116

I tested both - with and without bridge - and I still didn’t get a response on USDIO.

That’s a Smart Lock v.1, yes.

If the Smart Lock works with the Nuki App via Bluetooth than I can only image it being some small detail.
You can PM me the code you are using and I will try to take a look at it with one of our developers (when available)