Bluetooth connection Error during opener setup?

Hello dear members, Hello Nuki support team,

Since i moved i now try to setup all my Nuki products to the new Appartement door system (one Appartement Door with smart lock, one main door with opener, + bridge).
The Intercom System used here is by Elvox, model 6701-6711 (see attached photo), which is sadly not yet listed as a tested model, so all my attempts refer to the Generic (Bus) setting.

i tried different cable setups and the one which produced the best result by now was the Enhanced setup with doorbell suppression with the provided Nuki Clamp as listed by the wizard.
(The Basic setup with just red and black produced some weird interference on the Camera Monitor where you could see nothing at all; referring to my post here: Störungen im Intercom / Interference in Intercom - #3 by Noam)

Either way: i can never finish the setup process!
I get as far as to the point where the opener needs to “learn” the signal for opening the door and at this place i get a push notification that the opener needs to be connected via bluetooth or bridge. i can retry but the same thing happens every time. i tried deleting the app, factory-resetting the opener starting the configuration again with wifi on/off Bluetooth on/ off… same problem everytime at this point.
(I even tried some “app-switching-trick” a read about here where you change the apps to trick the wizard and this works to continue the setup but of course doesn’t open the door in the end…)

What seems to be the problem here? What am i doing wrong?

I really want this Opener to work again and since i am using this generic(bus) setting where the opener lens the signal, i refuse to believe that it is just not possible. (Is there any constellation where the opener would be entirely uncompatible?, different models of this same company seem to work fine!)
I would attempt any solutions, even soldering on the main circuit board since i read somewhere here that it worked for someone…

Thank you all for any advice!!!

Here is some further info on the cables as far as I could find out

Red= Bus- from the main door (and preceding neighbors)
White = Bus- to the following neighbors
Blue= Bus+ from the main Door (and neighbors)
Green= Bus + to the following neighbors

White&Yellow= Appartement doorbell
This link has the complete cable scheme and manual in German and english:


I ordered a new opener to rule out any Hardware Errors.

The results with the Lost Connection are exactly the same during Setup.

Interestingly when I tried the simple Cable connection (just red/black on the bus+/-) there was no interference on the video signal, so that apparently was a hardware problem…

Any suggestions for problem solving, maybe by the support team @nuki ?

I have the exact same problem with different doorbell (lost connection).

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I read this a few times, I think this is a general problem with not yet supported intercom systems.

On the other hand I think it would be very helpful to unterstand what’s happening „behind the scenes“ and why this error occurs, to unterstand and fix the issue!

As far as I understand, the „recording and repeating“ of the signal should theoretically be able to open any intercom?

Repeating the unlock signal has been reported by some users to work. But if Nuki does not fix the Bluetooth problem we will never be able to test it.