Bluetooth auto enable

Nuki Smart smart lock app
Auto enabling Bluetooth on the phone


Why is this feature needed?
It eliminates the need to keep Bluetooth constantly on or to manually enable it.


How would you like to use this feature?
List all usecases you can think of!
Auto unlock function

There is an IFTTT-Applet that turns on your phone’s bluetooth when you get home (or enter a specified GPS area).

The same applet may be created the other way round like: When you leave home (or exit a specified GPS area) turn off bluetooth.

I know not everyone likes to use “yet another app” to achieve this and of course it could be implemented by the Nuki devs into their own app, but I personally think they have more important stuff to spend their development resources on.

At least that’s my personal opinion. I think this is not providing a big benefit for a huge user base as most people leave their bluetooth turned on 100% of the time to keep their established connections with their car, headphones, smartwatch or whatever other device/gadget.

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