Bitron Video Intercom (AV1407/002 (1+n) T-Line) Help

Hi There,

In my new flat, there’s an intercom system installed which seems fairly new, (about 10 years old).

The entry system works and we can talk to the outside fine!

The model number is: AV1407/002 (1+n) T-Line with 3 wires

Few months ago I saw someone that have the same intercom connection problem and worked out on a solution to make it work,

I don’t remember if was via the 3 wire or implemented buzz in the intercom unit.

If someone can help to dig the topic or actually know a solution to make this work with opener I appreciate.

Attach I send pictures and the manual from Briton Video

My main doubt is how to pul this to make the opener work?

1 -->system ground
2–> speech signal / call tone

I have attached some pictures and would be really thankful if anyone could help with the wiring.

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