Bitron Video AV1423/001

Hi there,

I’m trying to install the Opener on my Bitron Video “5 wire” system. Turns out, it kind of works but it does not manage to open the door. I have the AV1423/001 which is a black & white video phone, paired with the AV1423/010 bracket.

According to Bitron, this is:

4” T-line B/W video doorphone with door opener button and three service buttons. Includes status LED and adjustable calling volume, mute function and indicators. White ABS with transparent screen.

The intercom has 5 wires (+1):

  • A: video (-, shared with the other apartments; it gets wired into the video repeater AK7531)
  • B: video (+, hared with the other apartments; it gets wired into the video repeater AK7531)
  • C: Call, audio, door opener (I’m assuming this is BUS +, it goes direct from downstairs to my flat and there’s a wire for each flat)
  • 1: Common riser (-, shared with the other apartments)
  • 3: Monitor power (+, shared with the other apartments)
  • E: earth / grounding

I’ve configured the Opener as generic bus, simple setup (without ring suppression) using C as Bus+ (Red/orange wire) and 1 as Bus- (black wire). It does have some issues in learning the door opener signal (sometimes it does learn it, sometimes it doesn’t and I have to factory reset and start again); it does recognise the door buzzer; but it never managed to open the door.

Is there any way to get the opener in “debug” mode so it can dump all the signals is reading from the BUS?

Example wiring:

More manuals:

I’ve managed to make the door opener work by using the generic analog profile and by soldering the blue/purple wires at each side of the PCB door open button. I’m still wondering how to get the ring detection. There’s the LED that turns on when someone is buzzing. I’ve tried to solder the yellow cable to the + of the LED but it doesn’t detect ring.

Strange enough because in BUS mode it does detect ring but not door opener. Any chances to configure the Opener in mixed mode?

What’s the minimum current that the Opener can detect on the ring cable (yellow)? Would 2V be enough to trigger it? I’m tempted to use the LED as a trigger for the ring to open

Is it enough to plug just the yellow wire, ignoring all the speaker/microphone wires? Will it detect the ring?

Hi there,
I have a Bitron Video MV1000 model very similar to yours.
Do you have any success meanwhile?
Detect buzz and door opener at same time?

Thank you

I’m afraid not.

Thank you for the feedback! About the LED idea, did you try? my Video also activate automatically with the ring.