Better support for Night Latch locks

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Nuki can be used with night latch locks - these are locks which are open/closed but do not have locking capabilities and are common on front doors in the UK (and probably elsewhere). The latch is withdrawn into the casing as you turn the knob to allow you to open the door, but you can close the door by simply pushing the door into its frame. However, on Nuki you can still set this lock to locked/unlocked which doesn’t make sense as the locks cannot have this state - I think it based on the position of the lock - i.e. how far around it is


Remove lock/unlock state for this type of lock and just have it as closed/open.
Remove autolock to reduce risk of lock opening unexpectedly


Firstly it would be less confusing when you look at the state of the lock as it can be confusing to see a state that is not valid. Secondly, you can sometimes set the lock to lock/unlock and in fact this will open the door, especially if you set it to autolock automatically


On the lock options only have open as an option, maybe with a hold open so you can keep the door off the latch if needed