Better handling of nearby devices with auto unlock


For both Nuki SmartLock and Opener

Current behavior

There is currently the “Consider devices nearby” feature, which disables auto-unlock for nearby devices, when one device auto-unlock is performed. But it is designed in a wrong direction. It does not work, when I have 2 possible entrances of the house and one flat entrance.

The “Consider devices nearby” means “Auto Unlock is canceled for nearby Nuki devices, when Auto Unlock is performed for this Nuki device”.

I have 2 Nuki Openers, one is garage door and one is main house entrance door. And I have also a Nuki Smartlock on a flat’s door.

First scenario is:
I am arriving by car. Garage door Opener auto-opens the garage. Then I am going through the house, along the main entrance door, where the secord Opener performs auto-open, but I am already inside the house. Then I come to the flat and Smartlock auto-unlocks the flat’s door.

Second scenario is:
I am coming through the main entrance door. The door Opener auto-opens the door. Then I come to the flat and Smartlock auto-unlocks the flat’s door. But if I move near the garage Opener, it auto-opens the garage, even when I did not come by car.

If I enable “Consider devices nearby” in both Openers, then only one of garage or main entrace Openers is opened - it is OK. But it also disables the flat Smartlock, which is not OK.

Suggested feature

I would change the “Consider devices nearby” into an opposite function “Disable Auto Unlock when nearby device is auto-unlocked”. So I want to configure which devices exactly should disable the auto-unlock, instead of disabling on ALL nearby devices.


Then I can enable this new option only for two Openers in garage and main entrance door and do NOT enable it for flat’s Smartlock. In the result, only one of the Openers will auto-open, but the flat smartlock will auto-unlock ALWAYS.

Am I really the only person using more than 2 Nuki device?