Beta Test for the new Android App Auto-Unlock

As a result from positive feedback from our Alpha test (see Nuki Android App Auto Unlock: Alpha Test) we released the completely reworked Auto Unlock for our Android App to Beta.

Please update!

Every Beta user should already see the update to the version 2.0.4-AU-ALPHA.

Please send us your feedback and logfiles to so we can do further adjustments before ths features goes public.

We use location services in the background to work around the problems with the increasingly restrictive power-saving modes of the latest devices. This may result in a permanent notification that the Nuki app is running in the background. Please also give us feedback on the behavior of your device in this regard.

Want to stay with the current Auto Unlock?

If you got issues with the new Auto Unlock or want to stay with the current version for some reason (while still having the newest Android App beta) you can deactivate it in the Auto Unlock settings:

Open up the Smart Actions:

Go to the Auto Unlock Settings and deactivate Increase location accuracy