Beta 2.8.4 - HomeKit issues

Dear Nuki-Team, since Beta 2.8.4 I am having issues with the Homekit status: On every lock command (from Nuki App or Nuki Web) the lock tile in on my iPhone remains with the spinning wheel status showing locking… and there is no notification about locking in Homekit. Just checking if unlocking is affected as well and keep you notified.
Maybe it ist related to TVOS 14 or 14.0.1., as I have updated both my apple TVs in last days as well.
For troubleshooting I already removed the lock from Homekit and re-added, no success.
Please investigate, thanks.

The above issue relates to locking and unlocking… it is weird, as it appears to happen only when I am in my home WiFi and the iphone is out of Bluetooth range from the Nuki lock.

Just for your information: definitely no Nuki issue (although all other notifications except smart lock have been working). Needed to delete my home completely and setup my iPhone and ATVs as new to get this working again. Before that I did all things such as restarts, sign out of iCloud, sign back in, restore iPhone from backup etc. but nothing helped. Only way was to completely start from scratch on all related devices and re-create my home completely. Was a rainy weekend here…