Battery warning by LED flashing

Smart lock 2.0.
Did anybody ever see battery warning by LED flashing, when batteries get weak and Nuki App already show batteries as ‘critical’ ?
As it is described in product documentation.
My SL does not. Support claims this as a hardware problem. Which I doubt.
Newest FW installed, of course.

It see it one time on Version 1 and 2, but now I have built a loading circle, what fully loads the accus once a week, so the power doesn’t go that low anymore, because you get issues then with locks what needs more strength to turn, that they block then!

Yes it’s flashing red on NUKI 3 Pro after you enter (unlock) and your in

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I heard this more often now of version 3, maybe it’s a issue related to version 3!?

Smart Lock 3.0 has a red LED, which is used to indicate errors (such as low battery)
Smart Lock 1.0 & 2.0 indicate the same by flashing the white LED (which is not as easy to identify as the red LED).

SL 2.0: yes, that is how it is documented. But what, id it doesn’t do it ? Can anybody confirm, this really works ? While Nuki app reports critical, there is no flashing on mz SL.

In Smart Lock > Settings > Manage Smart Lock:
Do you have “flashing when unlocked” enabled?
Is the LED brightness set to something bigger than 0 ?

"No, “flashing when unlocked” is disabled. I do not want this. I just want flashing when batteries weak. There is no setting for this.
yes, LEDs brightness above 0. Other status are shown as expected, e.g. when locked or unlocked ( for some time, as configured)

Does “flashing when unlocked” also handle “Batterie weak” ? Hopefully not. This would not make any sense at all. Totally different things,

True, I also noticed this, that the locks Version 1&2 are flashing rapidly when unlocked, same as battery alert signal!?

No more information to subsequent responses ?