Battery value for a long time at same value. 58%

I’m monitoring by API the Nuki Pro battery value, but it’s seem to be lock at 58% for a long time, before that the value decrease “normaly”. We have same usage and no network modification. Any reason ?

Same value are reported by API and iPhone app in bluetooth or Internet.

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In order to avoid jumpy % readings, the mechanism that evaluates the battery in % follows the rule that “battery % can only go down unless charging or repowering (= a potential battery change) has been detected”.

So if you have - for whatever reason - an unnaturally low % reading the reported percentage is “stuck” at that low % until the measured value drops below that percentage or the SL is repowered.

I have removed and re-plug the battery pack, and the % value fall down from 58% to 52%, lower value should has been detected before… i suspect value at 58% was stuck and not updated.

Such differences can easily occur between evaluations (which is the reason why there is the restriction mentioned above). It just prooves that the batteries are really somewhere in the 50-60% range.

Same here, was 18% for a long time so never triggered the 5% threshold for the message to say battery is almost depleted:-(
And then battery was dead