Battery lifetime comparison

Good morning,

I am interested about your battery lifetimes and if you could suggest good rechargeable batteries?

I received the first battery low warning today. Do you know, how long more my batteries will work now? If I check them using a tester, every battery still says 1,5 volts.

Here are my battery relevant information - tell me if more or less is needed:

Batteries: Energizer Lithium AA
First battery low warning: After 8,5 months
Hardware: nuki 1.0 + bridge
Persons: 2
Locking or unlocking procedures per day: around 5 I would guess
Unlatch duration: 3 sec
Locking rotation: 720° (2x)
Energy-saving mode: Automatic
Battery type: Lithium batteries
Optimize locking: Significantly reduced locking distance
Bluetooth Paring: Enabled
Brightness: 1
LED signal on the Smart Lock: Disabled

Would be interested about your settings and battery lifetimes :slight_smile:

Would a nuki employee be able to tell me the exact amount of locking and unlocking procedures since a specific date, or is this impossible / not allowed?

I advise you to use AA Li-ion rechargeable batteries. I use it already.
I bought from aliexpress PALO 1.5V AA Li-ion Battery Charger and batteries. It is a product derived from 3.7V Li-Ion batteries and adapted to the shape of an AA battery. What is miraculous about these batteries is the constant voltage from 100% to near 5% - voltage do not drop.

I recommend the original nuki accu packs! Holding the best and longest, providing much strength to the motor, also when accu pack goes down (some batteries have providing not enough power, even when still 60%), and you get full informations of it in the nuki app, what load and healthy for example!