Battery Drain

I have a Nuki with the Version 1.14.1
Since I have installed it and the Battery Drain is unacceptable!
After 6 Days of installing new charged Batteries (Panasonic 2700mAH) I have a critical condition.
I believe this is a SW issue as with N-1 It was a little bit better and I had exactly the same with N-2.
Is this happening to anybody else ?
Is there a way to revert to the former Firmware?
Thanks in advance!

Please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support) as this is an individual problem and might require sharing logs and other sensitive data.

Furthermore this is a Developer Forum and only focused on developer related problems.

Hi Jurgen, I have done this already in the past but as its out of warranty there is not support.
The thing is this happens after every second or third SW upgrade.

Strange. If the problem persists i’d try a factory reset and set it up and pair it with the bridge again.

I have to chime in and tell my experience as I am about to take more radical steps.
I bought a Nuki 3.0 I’m November 2022. It has a power pack and I had a second one.
From the first weeks on the drain was huge : battery was critical after 5 weeks.
I was using BOTH power packs with the same effect so the problem was not the power pack
I reported to support and after several exchanges (and I reset it a few times) the problem persists
So this is not a single problem! It is there.
I contacted support for the nth time and I was told to send the lock as it was in guarantee … ( of course I was expecting Nuki to send me a new one and I would send the broken one after getting the new one - but it didn’t happen… the response from Support was basically that rules are rules and I had to send my lock first and then as soon as the lock arrived I would get a confirmation of reception and a confirmation that the replacement had been sent)
So I sent it and DHL tracking said it arrived w days later at 10:30 in the morning.
It is now 8 days …. Let me spell it : EIGHT… and I didn’t get any Mail confirmation it had arrived ( although DHL did deliver it) and I still don’t have any replacement!!!

So I gave money away, used a lock 6 months, the batteries were depleted every 4 to 5 weeks and now have no lock.

Do the locks have a general problem and that is why I am not getting any response from Nuki and no replacement?
Is there new FW in development to address the issue?

First off: This is a developer forum and here to discuss developer related questions. Yours isn’t of that category and only support can help with that.

The original poster was talking about Smart Lock 1.0 which was manufactured ~5 years earlier than yours.
If you have a Smart Lock 3.0 Pro the power consumption can be heavily impacted by the quality of your WIFI network. Here are a few guides on how to optimize that:
Furthermore also make sure that you have the latest firmware installed.

This is part of the guarantee plus package: Extra security and protection for your Smart Lock: Nuki Care & Protect and Nuki Guarantee Plus - Nuki

No. Otherwise the forum and internet would be full of reports about such problems. Please contact support. Only they can help with individual problems like yours.

Ok thanks
I looked for the topic here because I thought it could be a general problem - and the topic initiated by the poster seemed like a description of a problem / so i described my issues

I apologize for bringing the guarantee question - you are right it is of topic

But regarding the battery drain - it is a serious issue and I really think it is caused by excessive activity in some area eg related to WiFi or Bluetooth activity and as I could not ever get any battery report - I asked for the FW upgrade

Thanks for responding

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Hello Juergen, the Support wil lonly help if it is under guearantee. The fact that this is a 5+ year Lock dont mean anything because the issue appeared after a Firmware upgrade and was not there initialy.
It looks clearly like a memory leak as a RCA that the Battery is drained.
In my constellation over the years nothing has changed except the Firmwares.
As Support will not help here in the case, I also asked if there is a way to rollback the firmware to the former version.
Is this feasible ?

Unfortunately rollback Firmware is nkt possible! I asked several times, and always a straight no! Sorry!

same problem with a nuki pro 3. battery drains in 5 days. Bought a second battery, happen the same.
Then after 5 days offline, the nuki looses some of the config and the PIN does not work anymore so i need to factory reset the NUKI. Supper annoying cause this is for my airbnb and im not even living in the same country as this house.

support will send a new battery pack but i believe the issue in the lock and not the battery.

I heard from another forum that the problem could be the web api polling the nuki too often