Battery drain & only charging after reconnect


I recently upgraded to a Nuki 3.0 Pro. I’m using a permanent charging cable to the battery pack. I do notice some strange behavior though:

  • the battery pack is not constantly kept at 100%. After a full charging cycle, charging stops and the battery begins to drain. After 2 weeks it’s already at 70%, about 2% drain per day even without any opening/closing cycles. It doesn’t charge anymore. I can only get it to charge to 100% again after disconnecting the charging cable and reconnecting it. Then the led starts blinking and the app states ‘charging’.

  • why is there a battery drain of about 2% per day without any opening/closing action? According to this: Battery pack, the battery pack should last for a year with on average 8 to 10 opening cycles per day. With the drain I’m experiencing I can only have 50 days.


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It’s not healthy for batteries to permanently charge them to 100%. Therefore the charging electronic does recharge the batteries again once they dropped below ~70%.

Because the Smart Lock 3.0 Pro is permanently connected to WiFi and is also available via Bluetooth. i.e. it has a standby power consumption. The drop in battery % might not be fully linear. You can not simply calculate from a 2% drop from 100% to 98% the full lifetime. The expected battery life of the Smart Lock 3.0 Pro when connected to WiFi is about 3-4 months.

Please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support) for more detailed information.

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I have the same, but I have setup a routine, what turns on the power once a week for a few hours in the night and off again after, what works very well, and protects the accu a bit, because it gets not loading power all the time! The accus never getting below 85%, and the locks are always strong enough to do their work without issue! - In fact, I am thinking, if it is better to let them drain a bit more, and don’t fully load them to 100% any time, so that the accus are akways between about 70-85%, what would be better for the accus I think, because when I remember right, a accu should be hold between 25-85% power, for best functioning and longest lifespan!

I recently purchased the Nuki smart lock 3.0 and the battery pack showed 74% at installation. I tried charging it overnight before use and brought it down to 64% the next day morning. Today I tried again to charge for an hour and it brought it down to 34%. Am I doing something wrong?