Battery consumtion on Door Opener

My Door Opener eats batteries. A new set is empty after 1 month. Should be not normal …
Has anyone the same problem or a solution? FW is on 1.9.2

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If you are using a digital intercom there could be heavy traffic or interference (because of long cables) on the line and thus wake up the Opener all the time. You can try to recalibrate the Opener and train it again to your intercom. If that does not help powering the Opener permanently via USB might be the only real solution.

There is no intercom connected. the output of the opener is connected to a relay, which is powered only a couple of times per week. I will measure the line to the relay to see if there is a drain of current …
will report!

Then the next most frequent problem is that the bridge API is (ab)used to poll the state frequently via BLE. If you use the bridge API make sure that you use /list or callbacks in order to update the state in a 3rd part system.

In “other door” mode, connected to a relay with AAA alkaline batteries the Opener usually lasts >6 months.

Servus Juergen, same situation here. The opener is connected to a relay, which is powered a few times a week. No API calls via BLE are used. The batteries last about less than 1 month. This case is also submitted to the support team without any success so far. Any ideas? Best, Richard