Battery consumption of android app (V2.10)

What power consumption are people seeing on their android phones?
My Note 8 is going flat a lot quicker these days (probably because it’s getting old) and I notice that Nuki is using a lot - all foreground - I suspect that I need this for auto-unlock, which I love, but is this normal?

I do have “increase location accuracy” set in my auto unlock settings. Interestingly that states that “Nuki will be displayed in the status bar”, but it doesn’t…



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I’m seeing an increase in battery consumption in the last 3 days, not sure if it’s related to an update or sth.

My phone is pretty new (S21) and battery usage was okay before. Last 7 days:

19.9.21: 6.3% (11h35m)
20.9.21: 0.8% (12h11m)
21.9.21: 1.3% (12h12m)
22.9.21: 4.4% (10h36m)
23.9.21: 19.9% (12h11m)
24.9.21: 20.9% (9h52m)
25.9.21: 31.9% (13h7m)

That’s pretty crazy. Came here because I searched for known problems regarding battery usage.