Battery consumption between 360 and 720 modes

Hi, I’ve been using my nuki pro 3.0 with 720 lock since I can remember but the nuki power pack is slowly during less and less (like 1 month tops now) and I was wondering how much impact would setting the lock to 360 instead of 720 would actually impact. This is — is the consumption coming more from it being using WiFi or because the motor itself? What drains more? Are there any significant study on about how much using 360 vs 720 use? My door only inserts the bolt a bit more with the 720 but the 360 is probably suitable anyway.

Thank you.

There is no general guidance, because power consumption for lock commands varies a lot from door to door (how stiff it is, whether you lock&unlock only or also unlatch, how often you lock) and the wifi power consumptions can also varies a lot between a good and a bad network environment (up to 10x more power consumption).

The main areas of improvement are:

  • Reducing the locks friction (oil) and lock distance (360 vs. 720, optimized locking)
  • WiFi channel choice (the less interference on the same channel and the less other devices in the same network, the less power consumption). Using a Matter/thread hub instead of WiFi.
  • LED brightness & blinking (reduce brightness and turn off blinking in unlocked state, if not needed)