Basic Question: does "auto unlock" open a closed but unlocked door

A very basic question (pls take my humble apology):
Will the function “auto unlock” open a closed but unlocked door when the user approaches the door (in bluetooth range).
Why this question ? I’m out for a short time to walk my dog and I’m leaving the geofence 200m and reentering it 5 minutes later. I leave the door closed but unlocked (to save battery power because turning the physical key inside Nuki 2.0 is not necessary).

If your door requires to be unlatched in order to enter it, the answer is YES.

…thank you Juergen - I’m now sure that “auto unlock” does work sometimes and does not work many times.

Could it be that when “auto unlock” did not work for you, you haven’t been outside the geofence?
Or was FlightMode active on your phone at that time, or shortly before? In that case “auto unlock” might have been deactivated, as there are occasions when it needs to be manually reactivated within the NUKI app.

There were occasions when “auto unlock” did not work for me, and when I checked the settings in the NUKI app, it turned out that it got deactivated. After reactivating it, it again worked like a charm.