Backup and restore of Nuki/Opener

Is it possible to backup the configuration of Nuki or Opener and later restore it in new device?

What I want to achieve is to be able to restore list of paired devices in case the Nuki or Opener stops working and I have to replace it by new one. Because it could be a disaster to collect all Fobs when multi-tens of them are used.

I am not 100% if I understand you correctly:

Do you mean you want to be able to move all authorization data from one device (Smart Lock or Opener) to another one)?

This can not be done at the moment for security reasons. Authorizations are bound to a device and there is no backup process. If you got users in Nuki Web you can re-invite those for a new hardware, but Fob-only solution can be a problem in such a case, yes. What exactly is your usecase and which process do you use to manage/hand out fobs?

Yes, exactly. I want to transfer users from one device to another using some backup file.

My usecase is garage opener for 30 person. Some of them using phone, some of them Fob.

Tested the solution with Nuki Web and it is acceptable. But I need the solution for FOBs also. Is there any chance to be able to add FOBs through Web?

Do I understand it correctly, that FOB and Opener needs two way pairing on BLE level? Could it be possible to send some security key through the Web to the Opener and when Opener first sees the FOB, they will create the pairing?

Currently the Fob gets its authorization via an authorized Nuki App or via direct pairing.

There could be other ways to do it, but complexity and security issues are a problem here. But feel free to add a feature request and start collecting votes for it