Automatically Disable auto-unlock

Product name

Nuki Lock 2.0 & bridge


I have equipped two entrance doors (underground garage and ground floor) with a Nuki lock. Unfortunately, now with geofencing both doors always open, the first as soon as I stand in front of it, the second door as soon as I am in the house and a Bluetooth connection is established.


My suggestion: before Auto-Unlock check: Auto-Unlock: do not trigger if triggered on another device on the same wifi in less than x minutes.


Why is this feature needed?


How would you like to use this feature?
List all usecases you can think of!

Overall: If 2 or more doors are used, Auto Unlock cannot be used at all, because other doors are always opened as well.

Hi! I have another idea regarding this problem. What do you think?

Thanks sir

This is a great idea - I have the same issue even though I only have one Smart Lock (applies to 3.0 as well, btw). If I enter via the garden door where no Nuki Lock is mounted, when I past the front door where I have installed it, the front door pops open. Would be worth considering buying a second Smart Lock just to have this sorted.