Automatically Close Nuki App after widget lock/unlock

Product name

Nuki 2.0 Android app


When triggering lock/unlock the door from the widget, close the app after the operation is completed


After I use the widget button to unlock or lock the door, the Nuki app remains open. Currently I have to close it manually from the android open apps. 100% of the times I use the widget to lock/unlock I don’t need to do anything else in the app, so it would be better if the app closes by itself. Not going to the background, but unload completely.
If needed in the future I can open it myself again.


It is annoying the Nuki app remains open. I only wanted to lock/unlock the door, nothing else.


How would you like to use this feature?
List all usecases you can think of!

  1. Click lock/unlock on the widget, the app opens (if this is not visible it would be great too) then the door locks. The app closes and is no longer in the list of open apps.