Automatic DoorLock for a small Museum

we are an association in a village in brandenburg and have a small museum. We are looking for a solution, where visitors give us some data and then get a code to open the door. The code should only work once and should be valid for only one day. Is this possible with nuki solutions? Which ones do we need? Do you know a distributor, who could install this for us?
Thanks a lot! Kind regards, Ulrich Dahl

Dear Mr. Dahl,
you can create access codes, which are only valid for a specific time frame (i.e. one day or even only a few hours). But we can’t limit the usage of that code for one single entry event.
In general you can create these codes in our Nuki App or in our Nuki Web Application. (see links below)

Nuki App - Smart phone App

Nuki Web - Internet browser application

You would need a Nuki Smart Lock with an internet connection and a Nuki Keypad (1 or 2) for your museum.
The installation is very simple and you will not need any professional support here. See below

Important remark:
Depending on the amount of museum visitors you have to decide, if this solution is sufficient for you.
You would have to manually create the codes, share them with the visitor and also delete the codes again after they are expired. The keypad can store up to 200 codes.
You could also generate codes that are only vailid for a specific time frame of the day to limit the entry window to the museum for visitors.

If you would need a fully automated process (including code request handling, code generation, sharing and deleting), this could be developed by an IT service provider based on our API.

I hope that information gives you a better understanding. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,