Automatic Door Close with Sensor


I’m looking to implement an inverse use case to automatic door lock with door lock and sensor.

I have an Airbnb with an expensive OLED TV. The TV is fixed on the wall, and I want to detect in case the TV is detached from the wall to be stolen.

My scenario would be to install a door sensor between the TV and the wall. In case the TV is taken off the wall, the sensor would trigger an alert on my phone, automatically close the Nuki door lock and remove all users authorizations to open the door from the app.

I’m not sure this would be possible directly in the app, as this is the inverse scenario of automatic door lock from the sensor point of view.

Would it be possible using APIs?


Interesting question and though the door sensor is not intended for this use case, it could be technically possible to read the door sensor states via the Nuki Web API.

The sensor and the magnet of the door sensor sits on the door frame & door and let’s say this works for the TV & the wall, you could integrate it with a lock and use the Nuki Web API.

All door state changes of a Nuki device can be monitored by setting the Webhook feature “Device Status”. The possible values for door state changes are (applicable for Smart Lock 2.0 onwards):

  • 0 unavailable
  • 1 deactivated
  • 2 door closed
  • 3 door opened
  • 4 door state unknown
  • 5 calibrating

Hope this provides some clarity for your question.