Auto Unlock with Watch OS

Product name

Nuki Smart Lock
(& Nuki Bridge & Apple Watch)


Every day I leave my house for a run without my iPhone. When I return home the Nuki Smart Lock does not Auto Unlock. I have to manually find the Nuki Apple Watch App and then select ‘Unlock’ which takes a lot more time than if I had been carrying the iPhone in my pocket.


Auto Unlock with Apple Watch


It is very fiddly to find a specific Apple Watch App due to the size of the Apple Watch Screen.
It takes much more time to open this way.
It is difficult for people that are wearing gloves, or have cold hands (eg. if you have just been for a run).


Auto-unlock on Apple Watch would save time for people that anyone that leaves their home without their iPhone.

It’s a great idea! I have an Apple Watch too.

There has already been a similar question to this topic some time ago. The situation did not change with recent WatchOS releases:

Ok. Thank you!