Auto unlock with bridge

Good day all,

I readed somewhere on the forum (nuki developer) that the smart lock can only establish one bleutooth connection at a time.

Sometimes the auto unlock feature works flawless, and most times it wont,
Also when it does not auto unlock, and u open the app u see that the app isn’t connecting to the lock.

I think(does not have the logs to prove it) that its because off that the bridge has an active connection to the lock and my phone cant connect.

Is it not an idea that the lock can connect to max 2 devices at a time, i do see a problem that comes with it, when u come home with in my case my wife, that the door got triggered by 2 devices, wat can trigger the door twice.
U can like make auto unlock only avaible once every 1 till 5 minutes.

But in the case of a bridge, and u enter the geofence it will conect to the lock wat makes the phone connection unavaible.

I am not sure, but since the lock 2.0 have a bleutooth 5.0 connection it must be capeable to connect to multipple devices.

Just my 2 cents of toughts,


Hi Damy!

Yes, this is something we are working on and hope it will help improve the experience. Just can’t give you a timeframe for it atm.

We have sth similar already implemented: Auto Unlock commands within two minutes of a previous Auto Unlock are not executed.