Auto unlock triggered twice, multiple phones


I’ve been using the Nuki doorlock 3.0 a while now, and unfortunately I’m not completely satisfied with the lock.

Normally it works great when only one resident is at the front door. However, we are a family and at least two members have the app on their phones too.

It frequently happens when we arrive home together, the front door is opened automatically by my phone, and minutes later (after the 2 minutes cooldown period of the auto unlock feature), a second auto unlock is triggered by my wife’s phone. Usually it just happens when she checks her phone. We are all using Android phones btw.

I’ve sent logfiles to Nuki support for at least more than 10 times, and am just left with the advice to regularly update the app and that the issue must be due to our phones. I find this totally unacceptable as the app software is developed by Nuki, and this app is unable to correctly handle the situation when multiple people enter the house.

It has happened at least twice that our front door was opened in the night with our kids already being upstairs (that really gives an unsafe feeling), not to even mention all the times I had to go back to the front door to close it again whilst being home already for like 10 minutes or so.

Does anyone have similar experiences with the auto unlock feature not working correctly in the case of multiple residents (with the app installed) entering the house at the same time?

Thanks for sharing your advice!