Auto Unlock timer when using the Opener

Product name

Nuki Smart Lock in combination with Nuki Opener


Auto Unlock timer after using the Opener


When using the Nuki Smart Lock in combination with the Nuki Opener, it would be great, to have an option in the app, to set a timer for the Auto Unlock function, when using the Opener.


I’ve a latch holding time from 20 seconds now, because the door opens so early, when you could set a timer, when using the Opener, it would be possible to set an almost exact time to open the door, when you are in front of the door.
The timer could also save battery life, because the holding of 20 seconds or more is not necessary.


Open the first door by Opener, the timer starts, walk up to the 3rd floor and almost exactly when you are in front of your second door, the Smart Lock Auto Unlock opens the door.