Auto-unlock per user

Product name

Nuki Smart Lock


Only be able to activate Auto-unlock for specific users.


I like the Auto-unlock functionality. But as it is not possible to exclude back-door entrance from opening the front door, I would like to be able to only assign myself (and specific other users) to be able to use this functionality.


My daughter just cycled by my house. Not intending to enter is, the door correctly sensed her presence and opened the door. By then my daughter was out of sight and was not aware that the front door was open. Luckily, I was at home and heard the lock opening. As I am divorced and my wife lives close by, the chances that my daughter cycles by my house without any intention of entering it, is very likely.
The idea that my Airbnb guests can determine for themselves to activate the auto-unlock feature without them knowing what the consequences can be (like unwittingly opening the front door when entering the house via the backdoor) horrifies me. This is an option that they should not be able to set without my approval!


Assign the option to use Auto-unlock on a user-specific basis. Just like the option to allow them to Remote operate the lock.
I would assign the function to myself and my girlfriend, but not to my children nor to my AirBnb guests as they cannot know the unexpected and unwanted behavior of the lock when entering the house from the back.