Auto Unlock not working for invited user on iOS

Does Nuki lock 2.0 support auto unlocking for all users?

I set the Nuki lock up with my iPhone, and then invited my wife using the code.

The auto-unlock works most of the time with my iPhone, but my wife’s iPhone doesn’t seem to trigger the auto unlock, even when she goes 10 km away and comes back daily. The auto unlock log in her app is empty.

I have checked and all other settings on our phones and the Nuki app are the same.

Has anyone experienced this before, and any ides on how to fix this? My wife right now just prefers to use her key to unlock the door rather than fumbling about with her phone, taking off her gloves, waiting for Face ID to unlock the phone, and then unlocking the door, which defeats the purpose of a smart lock.

Thanks in advance for your help


Yes, of course. Make sure that location services are “always allowed” and BLE is switched on.

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Finally we found a way to make it work (on iOS):

Open Nuki App - Manage My Devices - Select your SmartLock - Select Smart Actions (Auto Unlock) - Open Auto Unlock Settings → Expert Settings - Click on “Reset settings” at the very bottom.

Not sure on which Phone this needs to be done… I did it on both phones.