Auto-Unlock not triggering when fence entered -> exited -> entered

Hey there,
we are experiencing a general problem with Auto-Unlock on iOS (latest stable and latest beta 3.2.0) NOT triggering when the geofence was entered, then exited and then entered again.

This can happen easily in various scenarios. For example, we were on the way home, entered the fence, then decided to pick something up from the bakery around the corner so left the fence, to come back shortly after.
The AU-log in that case shows a transition from Away → Idle, instead of Away → Scanning.

I’ll add a screenshot that shows a successful AU and a non-successful one with their different state transitions.

Is there anything that could be done on the user side currently to change this behaviour? Expanding the geofence radius would not be a solution since it only moves the physical location of the “problematic area”.


For security reasons there is a 2min grace period between exit and enter. If you reenter faster, the AU will be trashed and not executed. This is not changeable by the user.

Thank you very much for the info!
Is there any chance this time interval could be added as an advanced configuration option like the RSSI threshold?