Auto-Unlock not triggering when fence entered -> exited -> entered

Hey there,
we are experiencing a general problem with Auto-Unlock on iOS (latest stable and latest beta 3.2.0) NOT triggering when the geofence was entered, then exited and then entered again.

This can happen easily in various scenarios. For example, we were on the way home, entered the fence, then decided to pick something up from the bakery around the corner so left the fence, to come back shortly after.
The AU-log in that case shows a transition from Away → Idle, instead of Away → Scanning.

I’ll add a screenshot that shows a successful AU and a non-successful one with their different state transitions.

Is there anything that could be done on the user side currently to change this behaviour? Expanding the geofence radius would not be a solution since it only moves the physical location of the “problematic area”.


For security reasons there is a 2min grace period between exit and enter. If you reenter faster, the AU will be trashed and not executed. This is not changeable by the user.

Thank you very much for the info!
Is there any chance this time interval could be added as an advanced configuration option like the RSSI threshold?

I have a simiar problem, using Nuki 3.0 Pro on iOS 16.2 with the latest Nuki App v 2023.2.1.
But i leave my Geofence area way longer (~1 hour). Then i see the status in Protocoll as away → idle, AU did not work.

These are some screenshots from the app (i can only upload 1 image as a new user (!!!):

The sort of items on this page looks also strange…
16:41 (geofence enter)
17:23 (geofence exit)
18:13 (geofence re-enter completely does not exist?)
18:13 (smart lock found)
18:13 (au cancelled)

Thank you for reporting. We’re aware of this issue and working on it. Updates to follow.

Since “Auto-Unlock” is the most important “premium” feature of Nuki, which mainly distinguishes this smart-lock from other manufacturers, i was more than happy to pay more for Nuki.
But since this feature does not work reliably for more than a month, i will sell it to buy another alternative.
Sorry but a really important bug like this should not wait more than a couple days to be fixed. But we do not even have an estimated date. I give up here.

There was an iOS app update 2 days ago claiming improvements related to Auto Unlock. I do still experience an unregistered geo fence entering….

See screenshot below

Hi, sorry to hear that you’re not satisfied with Auto Unlock. I’m happy to help, please write me a direct message.

Regarding the update: we released an update on Friday publicly and a beta version including the bugfix is available since last Wednesday.

Hi, please are your referring to the “normal” Auto Unlock or to the Smart Action on geofence enter not being executed?

For further evaluation of your problem, please write to support via Help → Contact customer support, so we have more details.

We have released Version 2023.2.2 on Friday addressing the issue of Smart Actions not being execute on for example geofence enter.

If you experience any problems, please let us know.

i am only using a Nuki Opener (not a smart lock) with Auto Unlock: as you can see from my screenshot. The Nuki app did not register me getting back in the Geofence are. I did did find the opener when i was in front of the door…

so the app registers me leaving the Geofence at: 18-02 at 14:30
and then at 18-02 at 15:34 the opener is found (the app still thinks my last geofence enter is on 17-02 at 19:23 which is obviously wrong.

I may overlook something but i can only connect to the opener via bluetooth if i am back in the geofence area so the auto unlock can proceed…

Thank you for more details, but please reach out to your customer support via the app (Help → Contact customer support), to get detailed information. Thank you.

I have updated the app, still same problems as expected. I really give up here and sell this lock.