Auto Unlock is being canceled

I was testing the auto unlock feature. Closed the door with Lock ‘n’ go, walked outside the gefence area using Nuki map. I waited till I was “away from home”. When I entered the geofence, it flashed that auto unlock was enabled, but then after 3-5 seconds, it was canceled. The log had cancel entry, but it did not have a reason.

I took all the phones with me and made sure that both of them were away from home. I also disabled the auto lock feature. Do not know, what else can be the cause of the cancel event.

Can you help me?
NB! Feature request: it would be really helpful if there was a reason for log entries for the cancel.

Looking at the last screenshot the exit seems to be to short. You have to be clearly outside the geofence for >2 minutes for Auto Unlock to start.

Thank you! Tested and auto unlock is working when staying outside geofence more than 2 minutes.
Would be nice if this is mentioned in the auto unlock help or the app.

Noticed one weird behaviour when testing. Couple of times the app showed that I was home, when I was outside the geofence.

Given I am outside geofence
and I turn my phone on
and initially my GPS location radius intersects with geofence
accuracy improves and I am 100% outside the geofence (including the radius of GPS)
the app should show me as away.
But, it did not set me as away and showed me as home even when i walked farther (about 50 meters) and waited for about 5 minutes.

I only tested this on one day, if necessary, I could test this couple of more times.

Same for me.
I was outside today several times and got somewhat angry that the app always showed “Auto unlock canceled”. If in the message was shown “You are away from home, AutoUnlock is activated in 2 Minutes” it would have saved me a lot of time.

Fortunately, i found a reason (and will come back if more problems appear)


I have the same problem.
Any updates on that issue?

Hi All.
I have a similar problem. Default settings. I leave home for 20 minutes, come back and… nothing.
The Last Auto Unlock looks like this:

I would guess the door would unlock at SmartLock found time… but it did not. And the unlocking was cancelled after 2 minuts for some reason…

Anyone any idea?
I otherwise like the lock, but this is kinda anoying.

Thank you!

If you have a Smart Lock 3.0 please check if the Smart Lock is affected by this: Service Program for Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 - Nuki

If you use Auto Unlock expert settings, reset them to defaults.

Is there an entry in the Smart Locks activity protocol +/- 5min of your failed Auto Unlock?

Thank you for a quick response.

The lock does not need a service.
I only changed geofence to 1000m, since gps signal is poor.
The only previous entry is 20 min ago when I left. And then 1 min after, when I had to unlock manualy.

Regards, Zdenko

Please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support) as this is an individual problem and requires sharing logs and other sensitive data.