Auto unlock funktioniert so gut wie gar nicht

@Andreas_Buchheim - I have got a link from support (Stefan Almer) which could be helpful for you
called don’t kill my app

My smartphone is a LG 7 Gfit - my settings for Nuki are

@Axel: Which setting is the correct one then? I have a realme Pro 6 and for me the settings look like the screenshot. Should I enable “Allow activity in foreground” or “Allow activity in background”?

So far I had “Allow activity in foreground” but now I changed it to “Activity in background”.Maybe this helps.

@Andreas_Buchheim - yes : Allow Activity in background (ja) Aktivität im Hintergrund erlauben
Have upgraded Android app to 2.7.7. Result is oK.
Auto Unlock now works when entering geofence by car and when walking

I now have the latest version 2.10.8 on my smartphone. Let’s see if this improves anything. After switching to “Allow activity in the background” it got a little better, but still not perfect. Maybe it needs its learning phase. I’ll give the app a little time.

A small update after a few weeks. In the meantime, the app works really well and the automatic unlock works almost without exception. It also works great on my wife’s smartphone (Samsung) and my children’s smartphone (Honor, iPhone). It took a while, but now I am completely satisfied with Nuki.

Glad to hear :blush:

I m glad that your problem is almoust solved. So I can hope that the auto unlock will work with me. It was the only reason why I bought nuki, exept of this feature pretty senceless, as it is more.complicated to Grab the Phone and search for the app than using a simple key. Auto unlock completly goes crazy with me. Galaxy 20 Ultra, Huawei Mate xyz and galaxy watch 3. It first almoust never works, yes I allowed background activitys etc. .
Best is, I come Home, nothing happens. I lay evertyhing I carry on the floor, grab my mobile open nuki app … Nothing happens.
30 seconds later I click the open buttom.
About 1-2 minutes after this (I m already in my flat) I hear nuki lock working. I think it has to be the auto lock. Halve an hour later my neighbour steps into my office room and tells me that my door is open … And one of my two cats was gone … 4!!! HOURS searching to luckyly find her again. This was my worst case happening I had, nuki opened the door several times after I manually had to open it with the unlock bottom. Perfect feeling when you come Home go to toilet and hear that your door openes again and are afraid of loosing the cat again.

i had some similar issues at home. if this happens 1-2 times, i do not dare anymore to use auto unlock somehow.