Auto-Unlock finetune problem

Hi everyone, I just received and installed my Nuki 3.0 Pro, but so far I can’t get the auto unlock to work properly. I’ve read about being able to read out your RSSI value and then set it in the expert settings of the auto unlock feature. For the record, I’m on iOS.

The problem I have is that I am unable to find where I can read out my current RSSI value when standing in the right distance to the door. All the guides I found tell me it should be under connection status after pressing the I-button top right and then tapping on Bluetooth connection 7 times. Unfortunately in the latest version of the app, the menu looks different when tapping the “I”-button, there no longer is a menu but it just links to a support-page from Nuki. Is the setting to read out the RSSI-value gone for good? Or can I fand it somewhere else.

Final clarification: I am talking about the setting where I can read my current RSSI value, I found where I can set the Threshold under the auto-unlock settings. But I don’t want to be guessing the value around but read it out first.


This feature is not available on iOS. Furthermore you can only shorten the Auto-Unlock distance with it, not make it longer.

If you have problems with Auto-Unlock please follow the trouble resolution wizard inside the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Create Auto-Unlock Report) and give it some days. If it still does not work please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support) for more detailed information.

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Hey, question related to this - does Nuki deploy antenna diversity by chance in order to improve Auto Unlock accuracy?
Sometimes the phone will not trigger the lock due to some GPS issue or some other phone related behavior.
If the Lock deploys antenna diversity, it can know whether I’m inside the house or outside the house → GPS is redundant.
Going further with this thought, Nuki could deploy 1 BLE chip to act as Main Chip and 2 others to act as Packet Sniffers.
Combining RSSI from the 3 chips, Nuki could triangulate my phone to make this even more accurate.

Right now Auto Unlock is fine but IMO, could be much better.
Was this ever considered? If so, why is it not in use?