Auto unlock even when turned off

Has anyone experienced the auto unlock triggered even when this is turned off? It never triggered, but a guest came today and mentioned the door was open when she got there and I checked the log, it was opened because of the feature. This never happened before and it’s still off in the settings and is a serious concern for me, because I live on the street side and if the auto unlock triggers when I drive by, the door will pop open and cannot be closed again. How did this happen? Are there more settings than just the one found in Smart Actions? And how come this happened to the guest and never before to me?



There are only 2 possibilities for this to happen:

  1. Your guest switched Auto Unlock on, before arriving.
  2. You activated the “Activate Auto-Unlock” switch when sending the invitation to your guest, which will enable it automatically when he/she accepts the invitation.