Auto unlock doubts

I’ve been using the first version of the Nuki lock and, in my case, the most important feature is the auto unlock capabilities.
But I have some questions about it:

  • Is the geofence size working? I’ve set to 50m, but when I leave my home I see the status is “at home” many meters away of the 50m range. Also, when I’m coming back, the status “searching” starts very far from the range.
  • What happens if you enter the zone and leave it without finding the lock? Will it start searching again when you enter the zone?
  • Is the timeout working with the time out a countdown? It happened that I arrived at home at night, the lock was not automatically opened, and I run out of battery on the mobile after entering home. In the morning, when I turned on the mobile the door opened.
  • Why smart notifications don’t work when you change some of the expert values? I’ve only changed from unlock to open the door when the lock is found.
    Well, that’s all by now. :wink:
    Thanks in advance.

well, it’s difficult to help you improve your product if we don’t have information on how it (internally) works.
My biggest concerns are about auto unlock features, and it’s very difficult to trust in it. I’ve had many times when the door has / hasn’t opened when it should.
An, even with the latest app beta update, looks like the performance is even poorer. It has happened today 2 times were the door hasn’t automatically opened. I attach a picture of the log to help you debug what happened, because I don’t undertand what the states mean and what conditions should meet to switch between them.

Now, the log is full with this:

If you need further information, let me know.
Best regards.

As mentioned multiple times, please do not post individual logs in the board, we’ll have to delete them. Send everything to and you’ll get an individual response, specific to your case.

We do not plan to disclose all details of the Auto Unlock function, so this will always stay a bit of a black box for you. Sorry.

sorry for posting the log, I didn’t read anything about not posting them.
I understand about the details of the Auto Unlock function, but it’s quite difficult to understand how it behaves. And it’s a big concern as it is managing the main entrance of the house. It has happened two times that I left my house with very low mobile battery, and while outside the mobile turned off. When I arrived home, I left if charging. Once I turned on (the next morning), the door opened. I think the autounlock feature should be disabled when the mobile is turned off.
Another problematic situation was when arriving home and the auto unlock feature takes a lot of time to unlock. Then, using the Nuki app I opened the door. A few minutes later, once inside the house, the door opened.
I can look for the logs send it by PM if that gives you more information.
Thanks again.

Hi @franfos

I do not belong to the Nuki team but I think I may provide some insight in what may be the cause for your problems.

Part 1:

This problem is not as trivial to solve as it may sound because this is what technically happens inside your Nuki app:

  1. You leave your personal geofence which in general triggers something like an “expect the user to come back and auto-unlock on arrival”-awareness within the app/your smart lock.
  2. Your phone turns off (for whatever reason)
  3. You get home and so you enter your geofence/home area without your phone being active, so Nuki in no way is able to recognize that you came home
  4. You turn your phone on (after whatever amount of time)
  5. Upon launch, your Nuki app recognizes the entrance of your phone into your geofence, because the last known GPS location of your phone was somewhere outside the fence when it got turned off
  6. The smart lock gets the signal for “geofence entered” and shortly afterwarsd the “smart lock found” triggers, which triggers your door to get opened. Just as it would be expected when you come home and did not turn your phone off.

So as your phone (not only yours, all phones) is not able to collect any information when it is turned off, it starts resuming its servuce right where it was when it gets turned on again.

To avoid a behaviour like this, the Nuki team would need to implement a feature like “Do not trigger Auto-Unlock X minutes after the device got started” where X needs to be set by the user in his/her settings. But as I am not familiar with app development that much, I do not know if that’s even possible.

Part 2:
In case your are using an Android phone, please visit this thread as you are not alone having trouble with Nuki’s AU function since the most recent app update(s). If you can, please follow the instructions I provided in this thread to send your log details inclusing screenshots etc. to the Nuki staff to help to improve the AU functions for all of us:

Kind regards,

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@Auto Unlock after power up: Thanks @Legedric for the nice explanation. This is all true and - as far as the OS allows - we’re trying to take care of such scenarios.

@Reporting: He uses iOS, nevertheless this instructions are valid for iOS & Android.

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Hi @Legedric,
thanks for your answer.
You are right abou the complexity of the part 1 situation, but there should be some kind of solution. The one you mention is ok. It also could be useful to detect if the mobile has been switched off. In that case, disable auto unlock. Or maybe to calculate the time lapse between location notifications, and if the last notification received by the Nuki app was (per example) 2 hours ago, disable auto unlock.
Regarding the 2 part, yes, I’m using the iOS App. I will activate debug mode and sent any strange behavour to Nuki staff.

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Hi Juergen,
this problem still exists wit the newest firmware and app, we have 2 children at home and that they coming home with an empty mobile phone happens regularly. Only Iphone are in use with latest OS. Is a fix for this issue expected?



This is most likely not because of powering down or switching the iPhones into Low Power Mode, but because your kids activate flight mode and deactivate it again once they are at home. There is no way for the Nuki App to distinguish between flight mode beeing activated right in front of the door or after beeing at home for some time. Only solution for now is to deactivate Auto Unlock for this users.

If it’s not Flight Mode but power off or Low Power Mode, we need to check if there is a bug, because measures against both of them should be in place.

Hallo Jürgen,

Vielen Dank für die schnelle Antwort, tatsächlich nutzen die Kinder denn Flugmodus an den Smartphones. Habe mit meinem Handy Tests durchgeführt und die App scheint einen Neustart des Handys zu berücksichtigen.