Auto Unlock doesn't work in second iPhone (Nuki 3.0 Pro)

Hi, I have Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro.

I did initial installation on my iPhone, everything works perfect. Auto Unlock works perfect too.

But in my girlfriend’s iPhone (invited her by invitation code), Auto Unlock doesn’t work.

In my iPhone, when I enter in Auto Unlock settings - Last auto unlock, can I see when I leave Geofence, enter Geofence, Smart Lock found, Auto Unlock Finished.

In her iPhone Enter Geofence is blank, and the last text in Auto Unlock cancelled.

I checked her settings and are the same, her localization settings in her iPhone are the same too, etc etc.

¿Somebody can tell me what can I do in her iPhone?

Thanks in advance, and sorry if any text it’s wrong, i’m from spain and my settings are in spanish.

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