Auto-Unlock does not open door (white-edition)

Hi Nuki-Team,

I owned the black Nuki edition where all features worked like a charm. Last week I received the white edition and the auto-unlock feature stopped working as expected. The activity-log is telling me that an auto unlock was performed and I also hear some locking noise but the door gets not opened. When I am using the app command “open door” it works like expected.

The connection status in the app also shows that there is no connection between server, bridge and lock. Only if I tap “Try to connect” the connection is established.

Nuki-Lock-Firmware: 2.8.15
Bridge-Firmware: 2.7.0

By the way: Is there a easy way (hidden menu) to test auto-unlock without physically leaving the geofence?


It looks like I found the answer myself. It seems like you changed the default action for “Smart lock found” in the expert settings to “unlock”. I never changed this in my old setting so there it must have been set to “Open door”. I will give it try…

But what ist the idea behind “unlock” as default value? Did you change this intentionally?


The default action is changed when you change the “knob or handle” setting. For knob the default setting is unlatch, while it is unlock for handle.