Auto-unlock disabled by conditions

Product name

Nuki lock & bride


Let’s make some “security controls” to make accidental auto-unlocks harder to happen by giving it some conditions.


The idea would be to give in the app restrictions to the auto-unlock to things like:

  • Only if somebody is at home
  • Only in these days/hours
  • Only if homekit’s something is on/off
    Any ideas? :slight_smile:


If auto-unlock isn’t 100% bullet-proof and can create situations of danger with unintended openings, setting up some “limits” to it can give users more rely on it.


As i know I’m working from 9 to 6 from monday to friday I won’t allow me to auto-unlock these days/hours.

Quick feedback:

Presence detection is a bit tricky.

Sounds like the easiest one to do.

I am looking forward for some ideas from the users here. :slight_smile:

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Quick reply too :slight_smile:

Presence detection: the geofence only detects the “going in/out” of it?

Timetables: this function would be useful enough even without the presence detection. The only “problem” is that you may need to open with the app if some day you go home earlier.

Thanks for the reply!


You also have to acknowledge that the geoposition is something the App “knows”, not the Smart Lock, so we have no common knowledge of every users position or similar atm. Not speaking about complexity of “non-Nuki-inhabitants”, entering through entrances without Nuki etc.

Hi there, using Nuki version 2 I would like to suggest Auto Unlock not work when the position of the door is recognized as „open“ through the magnet mounted at the door frame. Especially in summer time we have our door open all day (we are using our back door to our terrace as main entrance …)

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