Auto unlock custom timeframe

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Nokia smart lock


Quick summary what this request is about.
Consecutive Auto unlock timeframe


Detailed description of desired features.
The 2min period after a lock action (incl. manually unlocking with key) during which the Smart Lock ignores Auto Unlocks and does not perform them (Error 0x03 entries in the activity log) needs to be able to manually configured. eg. To extend the period to 5 minutes or more.


Why is this feature needed?
I carry two smartphones, with one having mobile data off. So when I enter home with auto unlock, second phone connects to wifi and then a second auto unlock occurs and the door opens while I am already at home.


How would you like to use this feature?
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To extend auto unlock timeframes to 5-10 minutes, so there will be enough time for the second phone to connect, without activating auto unlock.

Is it an idea to disable auto unlock on the 2nd phone without Mobile data?
And just for my understanding why would your second phone auto unlock when it connects to WiFi? Auto unlock works via Bluetooth when you are in range of your lock using GPS for location so I do not understand fully what is happening.

I run ifttt on both phones, activating bluetooth and wifi when approaching home. Auto unlock is set on both phones cause I use both phones alternatively. One day it can be one, next day can be the other depending on the current mobile data plan of each.