Auto unlock - bluetooth range too wide


auto unlock works here much to good, using it to open the apartment door 3 meters behind the front door, both wooden.

When arriving by feet or bike it unlocks already when passing the street aprox 10m. When leaving the car it opens before walking 10m to the house. We can reproduce it with Iphone 8 as well as with Samsung S10

Is there any way to reduce sensitivity at the lock, i read somewhere that some kind of feature is in plan?


This can not be done at the Smart Lock, but within Auto Unlock / Expert settings / Auto Unlock Speed for the Android App. It is currently not possbile for iOS devices though.

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thank u so much, just changed it to smart delay and will test it some days.

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Hi, I have the same problem. So I’m sorry I won’t make this setting on iOS? When will it be available??

The setting is not available in iOS due to different restrictions on BLE-background handling than there are in Android.

sure, but one point more to implement it in the lock instead of the app’s

For android it works here ok btw.

Thank you for answer. And there is no other setting option or delay?
When I set this up on an android device, will it stay on my iOS?

No, this is a setting in the Smartphone App alone, only affecting the device where it has been set.

Thank you for the info. Although not very positive - any advice on how to set it differently? Is the iOS option planned for the future?

We are rechecking the possibilities with every new iOS version, but will and can only deliver it to iOS if it is technically feasable for us; so can make no promises on it.


do you have any possible and new information? Or the experience of other users?