Auto-Unlock based on position/direction?

I have not found anything similar in the forums, so please lock/delete this thread if somebody asked this question(s) before.

If I understand correctly, then when I do enter the 100m radius and my phone can connect to the lock via Bluetooth, then the auto-lock function is triggered. I do love this function, especially when I arrive with full hands (kids or groceries).

But when I enter the house through my garage, both these conditions are met, so even though I am in the house, auto-unlock is triggered as well.

Did anybody have the same problem and find a work around?
Or is it technically possible to determine the position of my phone in relation to the lock, so that auto-unlock is not triggered in such a situation?

This is the reason I don’t use auto unlock. When I enter the house through my garage I always pass the door from inside and the lock opens.

I think there’s no option to prevent the door from unlocking in such constellations.

An Update: Auto-Unlock also seems to be triggered, when I drive by with my car. The distance from the street to my front door is somewhere around 5 meters.