Auto-unlock based on directional phone position recognition

Product name

Nuki SmartLock 2.0


Auto-unlock should work whenever phone enters Bluetooth range from outside of the apartment (directional position recognition?)


Auto-unlock should be able to always unlock the door when phone is entering Nuki BT range from outside of the apartment. Even when the phone does not leave GPS geofence zone. To avoid unlocking the door when I’m in the apartment and pass next to the lock, there must be some kind of directional position recognition, so that Nuki unlocks the door only when the phone approaches it from outside of the apartment.


Currently when I enter the GPS geofence zone and approach the entry door, the auto-unlock unlocks the door. Everything is fine. But when I go to the shop downstairs the building or take out the trash, auto-unlock doesn’t work, because I do not leave GPS zone. When I leave the apartment, the door locks automatically (I have door sensor) and when I’m returning home the door doesn’t unlock automatically. I need to open them manually from Nuki app. I’m not sure if it’s possible in current hardware version of SmartLock, but it would be great feature to add.


Taking out the trash or going downstairs in the building to grocery store, Nuki automatically locks the door when I leave home and then automatically unlocks them when I approach the door - even though I did not leave GPS geofence zone.