Auto Unlock activated when picking up phone from charger


I also opened a ticket with support for this, but because this issue is quite critical I thought I post it here also.

For the second time this is happening to me now. After I picked up my phone (iPhone 14 pro Max running iOS 17.2.1) in the morning from the wireless charger the Nuki app starts it’s Auto Unlock process and opens the front door without me doing anything. I never left the geofence, the phone wasn’t rebooted but yet, Auto Unlock opened the front door out of nowhere. This can also be seen from the activity log. The first time it happened, support blamed using a beta version of iOS, but now I’m using an official version and the issue is still there. I’m living in an apartment, so I can hear the front-door being opened and I can close it immediately, but still this absolutely can’t happen!

I’m living in an appartment, so the phone is within Bluetooth range of the Nuki. That’s also probably why it’s able to auto unlock the door.

Anyone experiencing this also?

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