Auto Lock on scheduled basis with timeframes and days NOT Timers

Product name

NUKI 1.0


Using the Auto Lock feature on a schedule based manner with timeframes NOT timers to lock or unlock Nuki.


Since you are abandoning IFTTT Support I no longer have the possibility to schedule when I would like to use the Auto Lock feature an when not. For example I had Auto Lock used via IFTTT and a Time Frame in combination with Apilio. Now this feature goes to hell if you really going to abandon support for IFTTT. So I would like to have the feature integrated in NUKI since there is only the possibility to lock or unlock NUKI with simple timers at the moment. The feature I would like to see is instead of timers I can define timeframes and/or days on which the auto lock feature would not run so that the door stays unlocked. For example: At the moment I have laundry day on monday mornings so on that day in the morning the Auto Lock Feature is off. At monday afternoon and the rest of the week Auto Lock kicks in as soon as the door is closed.


Becaus you no longer support IFTTT


I have laundry day on monday mornings so I would like to have the unlock feature disabled at that timeframe via a scheduled timeframe. The rest of the week I would like the Auto Lock feature to kick in as soon the door has been closed.