Auto-Lock notification text when 'motor blocked, handle not lifted' event

Product name

Nuki 4.0 Pro and all other models.


More consistent Auto-Lock notification text when ‘motor blocked, handle not lifted’ event.


Current Android notification for the motor blocked event when HANDLE NOT LIFTED during locking Manually is this:

which relates to this Nuki App Log message:

This is working fine as intended and at a glance lets me know that the handle hasn’t been lifted, the motor is blocked and door is not locked :+1: Entering Nuki App and Log is not necessary to see what’s going on.

This notification below is different thought when the HANDLE NOT LIFTED during Auto-Locking feature.

Current implementation of Android notification for Auto-Lock feature when the handle is NOT LIFTED is as follows:

Above notification ralates to this notification in Nuki App Log:

Could we have a similar text in the Auto-Locking error notification to the one in ‘Manually Locked - motor blocked, handle not lifted’ notification, so we know the door hasn’t been locked due to handle NOT LIFTED without entering the Nuki App Log to see what’s going on?
The current notification without entering the log suggests that the lock has been auto-locked without issues which is not the case.


More consistent notifications without the need to enter the Nuki App Log to see what the issues are.


Other members of family not lifting the handle on time or forgetting to lift it at all during Auto-Lock feature when leaving house. It’s much easier to see errors in notifications or on smartwatch to understand what the issue is. Right now entering the Nuki App is required to see the Log.