Auta VISUALTECH 5H (Compact Digital)

I’m having a bus intercom board Auto VisualTech 5F (it’s a connection module, between building panel and intercom display, intercom display connected to board through CON2 connector (pic attached))

Here is a datasheet:

Please pay attention to connection type, it’s VISUALTECH

Currently 4 cables connected:

  1. “+”
  2. “-”
  3. Audio AND Data
  4. Video In (well, we don’t need it).

If I follow generic instruction and connect black cable to - and red to + nothing happens, opener won’t see any interactions.
So audio flow and data flow passed here though indicated and specific port “Speaker_Data”.
If I switch red cable to “Speaker_Data” instead of +, it looks like Nuki can recognize Door Open and Ring signals, however can’t reproduce OPEN signal/command.

I have soldier/multimeter and can make a lot of tests if it’s gonna help.

Hi! Please try this, Take out the originally wires (what comes out of the wall) of “+” and let it free, we need this wires then at the end, then Black opener wire to “-”, Green&Orange opener wire to “+”, now take the two port clamp and put Yellow&Red together in one port, so that the second port of the clamp remains free, and now do the wires what was originally in “+” in this second port, finish! Now reset the opener to factory settings, and make a fresh setup with generic bus! Let me know the outcome!

Hi Rose,
I appreciate your help,
but you could simplify it but saying “follow enhanced setup with doorbell suppression” from “connect to Nuki opener to an unknown intercom”.
As I said before, all data passes through dedicated Speaker/Data port, not through ‘+’, which seems to me is just VCC.

Yeah, for that it would be good, when you would wrote that you tried enhanced setup already, because how should anybody know!? And when you want also ring suppression, then you wire it enhanced and go from there! And I helped to wire much intercoms to the opener, where was always best to begin with enhanced wiring when wanting ring suppression, and as I wrote then going from there! But hey, of course I can simplify, find it out yourself!

Dear Rose,
I have no idea what touched your feelings so much,
But I guess you are completely out of topic here.
Nobody mentioned do i want it “ring suppression” or without.
It’s clear in my message that I’m facing different issue here, which is irrelevant to ring suppression.
And it’s a good practice to mention references, and you knew you were taking just instructions from manual of 10 pages.

No needs for emotions or anger,
What I’m asking is advises relevant to my issue and not on how to follow manual.

P.S. Btw if you strongly believe with your experience it’s always best to begin setup with enhanced wiring, you should suggest it to Nuki. Because as per their manuals they suggest completely opposite.

Yeah sure :+1:! Fact is, I wired much intercoms to the opener, and all are working fully! And to the suggestions of nuki, they are good people, but they said several times after a bit trying to users “sorry not compatible, pleas send back the opener for refund”, and I still get it to work afterwards, also there are some further wiring schemes what are not in the tutorials, so I think not the best suggestions!? But of course, you know it better!?

Hey Colin and Rose, I’m trying to connect the Opener to Auta Visualtech V5 Video Intercom as Generic Bus and as Rose suggested in first comment. Everything seems fine until I get stuck setting up the doorbell as the app says: “To administer your Opener you have to be connected via Bluetooth or Nuki Bridge.”

Did this happen to you and if so, how did you solve it?

Thanks for your help in advance,

DearRose, Collin and Daniel,
I have also same intercom Auta Visualtech 5H (exact same setup as described Collin at the begining of the post). The behaviour of the intercom is :

  1. I can open the door without ringing first.
  2. I cannot open the door just pressing the opening button (I need first to press the second button of the display pannel to connect the camera and see the caller in the display).

I choose Generic Bus, and tried Rose wiring suggestion (enhanced setup), and also basic setup, and also Collin suggestion (connecting RED to Speaker_Data) .
Opener does not recognize even the ring, and is unable to complete the wizzard to test the opening of the door. Same behaviour with basic or enhanced wiring.
I confirm collin’s experience connecting RED to Speaker_Data: Opener recognizes the ring, but unable to open the dor.
I would be happy with the basic feature to open from the App with or without doorbell suppression.
Any suggestion?
@Rose_Languste any alternative configuration to make it work?
@col1929 did you manage to make it work?
Many thanks in advance,
Jose M.

@danigil did you manage to make it work?

any help would be really appreciated!!

Good evening! I am also trying to install the Auta NEOS Visualtech 5H and can confirm what @col1929 and @jmartrat are writing above: When using the Generic Bus setup and wiring it with the + port of the Auta, nothing works. But when wiring it through the Z port of the Auta, the ring is recognised. However, opening the door does not work with this setup:

I have also tried it with the orange cable of the Opener in the + port (and only the green one in the Z port to pass through the data), but that also did not work.

Did you eventually manage to make it work, @col1929 @jmartrat @danigil? Any help/update would be appreciated!

Another thought I had was to use a workaround: the functionality described in the Auta manual to activate the additional port on the very left to be the “remote door release input”. In that case I thought we might be able to connect e.g. the blue cable of the Opener (which is the OPEN cable at least in analogue mode) to that port but I assume Nuki would need to configure the Firmware so that it then sends a signal through that cable to open the door even though it is in Bus mode. But that might be a solution. Can anyone of Nuki comment on this, @Juergen?

Can someone help me connect it?

I have the same installation and same issues with Nuki Opener.

Any help @Juergen ?

Tks in advance!

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Hola Jose @jmartrat ,

podría enseñarme como lo conecto?

No consigo que funcione con ninguna configuración.

Muchas gracias!!

Hey all…

I have the auta neo model 751826 with 6 wires coming in… using the digital no-coax configuration… Can someone please send me the details on how to get this to work even if it is only activated manually from the phone once a user requests access? I will gladly buy someone coffee or something for a 20 euros or similar if they can assist with this? See pictures for more details.

It is the no-coax model. And was just recently produced.