Audible question: You are approaching <door name>. Would you like to open it?

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For which NUKI product do you want to submit a feature request? Smart Lock


Quick summary what this request is about.
When I enter my house via the backdoor (without smart-lock) my front-door will open. That is not diserable! So I cannot use the geofencing option.


Detailed description of desired features.
In order to be able to use the geofencing option I would like the app the sound an audible question : You are apporaching < door name> . Would you like to open it? Also the app should listen to my answer. If I answer Yes it will open the door. If no, it will continue to see if I am approaching an other door and it should ask me to open that other door.


Why is this feature needed?
I cannot use the geofencing Open door functioanlity when entering the house via backdoor without smart-lock.


How would you like to use this feature?
See Above
List all usecases you can think of!
See above. Also important: It should react to my answer!!! I should not need to grab my phone and press a Yes or No button as this would render the geofencing functionality useless. Maybe you could make this work with Google Home assistant.

You can try the Doorman app for this.
→ set the Door Fence advanced setting to indicate how close you need to be to your front door for it to open
→ Doorman will say “Doorman says: welcome home” when the door is opened.
(similar notification of auto lock and auto unlock).

If GPS accuracy is an issue near your front and back door, use the ‘Bluetooth check for Auto Open’ setting instead and configure Bluetooth Signal strength value to optimise the opening distance. Signal strength can be obtained from the log files, or through any BT/RFID app.

Doorman is designed to leave and enter through the front door, so you might experience the issue that your door opens when you, again, leave your house through any of the doors, as the app might think you are still outside as you ‘did not enter through the front door’.
The simplest workaround is to stop the monitoring when you get home. Just hit the main button on the main screen.

Thank you for informing me about the Doorman App! I have downloaded it, but cannot get it to work. I have enabled Nuki Web and have authenticated via the authorization app, but when I press the Nuki Web button in the doorman app, nothing happens. I think it should show some info in the bottom half of the screen, but nothing happens. Who can I debug this?

After leaving the app open for a while, I do see some info: I get a time out error.

The instructions on the third step says:
If you experience problems with this… well I do…cancel setup, open your webbrowser and generate and copy a token from Paste the token into settings/nuki settings…

This is too unclear to me. I think the correct url should have been Nuki Web

I think I have managed to create a new token. But where do I paste that into? Which settings/nuki settings?

Settings/Nuki/API access token

Make sure that you also enter a value into
Settings/Nuki/Smart Lock ID

You can find you smart lock id in the nuki app:
Settings/Connection Status → click your lock. Make sure that you enter the ID into the Doorman app without (!) the space.

As this forum is intended for support on Nuki products, please contact the Doorman developer directly form the email address listed in Google Play, if you need more support