Ask for a better documentation of states

Hi Nuki developers,

I’m running into some inconsistencies while interpreting data from Nuki Web API using the documetation.

For example, smartlock/{id}/log returns:

  • trigger=1, 255
  • state=9, 244

I don’t see those values anywhere in the documentation :frowning:

I also don’t seem to find a documentation for other fields, such as “source”.

Can you please help me with this?


Could you please send me the Smartlock ID through DM (please do not post it here)?

Hi Poonam,

I tried so, please let me know if the DM arrived?

In general, I’d be happy to get a list of allowed values for the following attributes:

GET /smartlock
    type: 4,
    lmType: 0,
    config: {
      timezoneId: 37,
      deviceType: 4,
    advancedConfig: {
      batteryType: 1,
      singleButtonPressAction: 1,
      doubleButtonPressAction: 5,
    state: {
      mode: 2,
      state: 3,
      trigger: 0,
      doorState: 0,
    serverState: 0,
    adminPinState: 0,

A few of them seem to be in the documentation, but not all of them, by far. Thanks!

The states are documented in the Swagger model.
Please look at the “Model” under the corresponding endpoint.

For the webhooks,


Did you get values other than these? If yes, what values were returned?