Arris TG3492LG-LC errorcode 10

Hi I am using the above router. This is rather new as it is used by Magenta when using a 1 Gbit product.

If I create a hotspot via mobile phone I can normally connect the bridge to the internet. He also did the update to 2.3.0. Unfortunately I still get the error.

I even tried to deactivate the wlan encryption but it turns on again automatically. Use WPA2 - Personal

Could perhaps FW 2.4.8 help me or what should I do ? Would even put a LAN cable to the bridge but it doesn’t have a LAN port.

Hi @Bullz!

2.3.0 is just an intermediate version in the process of updating to 2.4.x
So you should try to update it to 2.4.8 (via Hotspot) in any case, as also the Wifi firmware is updated which could fix the issue with your router (though I can not guarantee it for this model).

After I left the bridge hanging on the mobile phone internet for several hours, it looks different than usual. But I can’t connect to it anymore if I click on Manage bridge via the app and pressed the button 10 seconds before. What always worked before without any problems. Bluetooth is on and I get a message that no Bridige was found in maintenance mode although the white led of the bridge is blinking.

Can you send me the Bridge ID via PM?